50+ One Mark Questions MCQs- Contemporary South Asia Chapter 5, Class 12, Political Science

Here we have provided 50+ One 
mark Questions of Class 12, Political Science Chapter Contemporary South Asia. These questions will help students in the board exams.
One Mark Questions are easy to understand and are very scoring in exams. So, I have provided 50+ one Mark Questions of Contemporary South Asia below,
Contemporary South Asia MCQ Question

One Mark Questions: Contemporary South Asian 

Question 1. Name the countries of South Asia? 

Answer: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Question 2. When did the parliament of Maldives vote to introduce a multi party system?

Answer: in June 2005.

Question 3. Which party dominates the political affairs of Maldives?

Answer: the Maldivian democratic party.

Question 4. What is other name for Sri Lanka? 

Answer: Ceylon.

Question 5. When did Sri Lanka gain its independence? 

Answer: 1948.

Question 6. When did Pakistan join called war military blocks SEATO and CENTO?

Answer: between 1954-55.

Question 7. When did India Pakistan sign the Indus water treaty?

Answer: September 1960. 

Question 8. When did India Pakistan sign the Tashkent agreement?

Answer: 1966. 

Question 10. When did Bangladeshi leaders proclaim independence?

Answer: March 1971.

Question 11. When did India Pakistan Shimla agreement?

Answer: July 1972.

Question 12. When did India conduct a nuclear test?

Answer: May 1974.

Question 13. When did South Asian leaders sign the SAARC charter?

Answer: December 1985.

Question 14. When was the Indian peacekeeping force sent to Sri Lanka?

Answer: 1987.

Question 15. What was the Farakka Treaty and when was it signed?

Answer: Farakka Treaty was signed for sharing of Ganga water in December 1996.

Question 16. When did India and Pakistan conducted nuclear tests?

Answer: May 1998.

Question 17. When did India and Sri Lanka sign free trade agreements?

Answer: December 1998. 

Question 18. Who took over administration of Pakistan soon after its first constitution was framed?

Answer: General Ayub Khan.

Question 19. When was the Bhutto government removed?

Answer: 1977. 

Question 20. When did the king of Nepal accept the demand for a new democratic constitution?

Answer: 1990.

Question 21. Where was SAFTA signed between South Asian countries?

Answer: Islamabad.

Question 22. What do you understand by "AAA"?

Answer: Allah, Army , America.

Question 23. When did the Awami League led by Sheikh Mujib win all seats in East Pakistan?

Answer: In the 1970 election.

Question 24. When was Sheikh Mujib assassinated by military uprising?

Answer: in 1975.

Question 25. When did the king of Nepal abolish parliament?

Answer: 2002.

Question 26. When did Sri Lanka got independence?

Answer: 1948.

Question 27. What is the full form of LTTE?

Answer: Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam.

Question 28. What was the demand of the LTTE group?

Answer: the demand of LTTE was Tamil Eelam or a separate country for the Tamils of Sri Lanka.

Question 29. When was IKPF withdrawn from Sri Lanka?

Answer: 1989.

Question 30. When did Maldives became a republic and adopt a presidential system of government?

Answer: 1968.

Question 31. When did the parliament of Maldives vote in favour of a multi party system?

Answer: 2005. 

Question 32. Name the dominating parties of Pakistan?

Answer: Pakistan people's party and the Muslim league.

Question 33. When did general Pervez Musharraf get elected himself as president of Pakistan?

Answer: 2001.

Question 34. When did lieutenant general H.M. Irshad declared himself President of Bangladesh?

Answer: 1983.

Question 35. Who formed the Bangladesh National Party?

Answer: military ruler Ziaur Rahman.

Question 36. When was Ziaur Rahman assassinated?

Answer: 30 May, 1981

Question 37. When was monarchy abolished in Nepal?

Answer: 2008.

Question 38. When was the new constitution adopted in Nepal?

Answer: 2015.

Question 39. What does Scandinavian mean?

Answer: Scandinavian means belonging or relating to a group of Northern European countries that includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Question 40. When did the civil war End in Sri Lanka?

Answer: the civil war ended with Prabhakaran's death on May 18, 2009.

Question 41. When did Raja Harish Singh join India by signing an 'instrument of accession'?

Answer: 26 October 1947.

Question 42. When did Pakistan attack Chhamb Region of Jammu and Kashmir?

Answer: August 1965.

Question 43. Who mediated Tashkent agreement?

Answer: Aleksey Kosygin.

Question 44. When did terrorist attack on parliament of India?

Answer: 13 December 2001.

Question 45. When did terrorist attack on Taj hotel in Mumbai?

Answer: 26 November 2008.

Question 46. When did terrorist attack Pathankot?

Answer: January 2016.

Question 47. When did terrorist attack on CRPF bus in Pulwama?

Answer: February 2019.

Question 48. When did the Indian prime minister declare the Siachen glacier as a "zone of peace"?

Answer: in 2005.

Question 49. What is the official religion of Maldives?

Answer: Sunni Islam.

Question 50. When did SAFTA come into effect?

Answer: from 1st January 2006.

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